Announcing the Nerve Finance DAO & Treasury Multi-Sig

Announcing the Nerve Finance DAO & Treasury Multi-Sig.

Today we are taking major steps in further decentralizing Nerve and increasing protocol security. Our goal is to decentralize decision-making, while maintaining speed and efficiency with regard to new features and product launches.

We’re introducing three big changes:

  • Decision-making regarding new pools, tokenonomics, multi-chain expansion, etc. will be governed by the Nerve DAO

  • The Nerve treasury will be given to a 3-of-5 multi-sig comprised of trusted crypto and Nerve community members (exact details to be announced soon)

  • Nerve contracts will be moved to a multi-sig between core developers

Nerve DAO

We’ve set up a snapshot page for Nerve token holders to vote on major proposals: Snapshot ( Any community member can submit a proposal through our Nerve Forum ( Proposals with significant community support will be put to a formal vote, and those approved by the DAO will be enacted by the multi-sig and developers.


The Nerve treasury will be governed by the Nerve DAO and decisions will be enacted by the multi-sig. These funds will be used to bolster the Nerve ecosystem and continue the development of new products. Community members can also propose new initiatives using community funds. To maintain speed and agility in development, we’ll use a tiered multi-sig.

Each quarter an operational budget will be allocated from the main treasury wallet. That budget will go to a separate wallet controlled by a smaller multi-sig of core developers. The operational budget will be used for day-to-day operations and further development of Nerve. In addition to that operational budget, additional funds can be allocated to new initiatives like marketing, community grants, and other community initiatives.